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777-172 i-Helicopter

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777-172 i-Helicopter

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Product Description

Looking for the best gadget of the year? The iHelicopter is one of the must have gadgets which has fast become a best seller. This is a fantastic model which allows you to combine all the fun of a remote controlled helicopter with the latest mobile phone technology. If you think you are excluded from the fun because you do not have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch don’t fear. This model works with many of the latest android phones too.

How it Works

The iHelicopter uses an infra-red transmitter which is plugged into the jack socket on your handset or tablet. This transforms the mobile device into a transmitter which is then able to control the movements of the helicopter. In order to take control you will need to download a free app which turns the screen in a touch remote. From the screen you can control:

  • Direction

  • Throttle

  • Trim

  • LED lights

  • Mode

  • Band Selection

    • You have the choice to use the direction controls onscreen or to switch to the tilt control option which makes of the inbuilt gyro technology found in iPhones and other compatible devices. Simply move the device to tell the helicopter to move, it really is that simple. After a few tries you will be an expert and thanks to the sensitive controls you are able to fly this craft a lot easier than many traditional remote control helicopters.

      Features of the 777-172

      The helicopter frame is built from metal, making it strong and able to withstand minor bumps and crashes on those few tentative first flights. This model measures 15.5 cm in length and the design is ultra-modern making it look totally cool.

      • Uses a 3.7V 200mAH Li-Polymer battery – No other batteries are required

      • The helicopter and transmitter are charged via the included USB cable

      • Has an 8-10 meter control range

      • A choice of three band channels, A/B/C – Allows for multi-play

      • Gyro tilt control options

      • Movement controls : Forward, back, up, down, land and hover

      In order to use the helicopter for the first time you will need to charge it using the USB cable. Leave it charging for 45 minutes and this will provide you with approximately ten minutes of flight time. The transmitter also requires charging using the USB; one charge will give you 120 minutes of playtime.

      Included in the Package

      When you purchase the iHelicopter you will receive a stylish box which contains:

      • The iHelicopter which is Fully Assembled

      • One User Manual

      • One USB Charger Cable

      • One Transmitter

      • Two Spare Rotor Blades

      • One Spare Tail Propeller

777-172 i-Helicopter

777-172 i-Helicopter

Looking for the best gadget of the year? The iHelicopter is one of the must have gadgets which has fast become a best seller.
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